Revision Plan - Step 7 online video

Imagine you were going to sit a driving test. How exactly would you prepare? Would you wait until the week before the test and do a “crash” course? Probably not!

People who perform well in driving test are those who have practised the test route, the skills and the theory in advance such that on the day of the test their only focus is on “showing off” how well they can do this.

The same principle applies for any written examinations. The only focus on the day of the exam should be to show the examiner how well prepared you are. In order to achieve this, each student should set up a very detailed revision plan.

During the 10 step online Learning 4 Learning™ program students are guided on how to set up a Revision Plan. Students are shown earlier how to use Directed Reading and Symbol Wheels™. Using a combination of these skills students learn how to put together their Revision Plan.

Using this plan students will avoid stress, spending too much time on one subject, overwhelm and stress often associated with examinations.