Effective Revision - Step 7 online video

Many students believe that they need to lock themselves away in a room for hours and hours in order to do effective revision. Of course, all students will need to spend time revising however constructive use of time is a key element of success.

Regardless of how interested in a topic we are studying our attention span goes in peaks and troughs with the peak happening at the beginning and end of any session. Somewhere in the middle our attention and concentration drops.

Duringthe 10 step online Learning 4 Learning program students are shown how to optimise their revision time by breaking study periods into shorter slots therefore keeping attention and concentration at peak at all times.

Students are also shown how to set a target at the beginning of each short time slot and how to check very quickly whether they have achieved their target at the end of the slot. This ensures that the student is not wasting time by repeating the same revision over and over again.

Preparing the Study Environment

Many studies that have been carried out in the area of memory have shown that recall from memory is greatly facilitated by recreating the environment in which the information first went into memory. This is one of the reasons why crimes are reconstructed so that eye-witnesses can retrieve the detail from memory better.

What implications does this have for study? All written examinations are carried out in a similar environment: no background noise, an uncluttered desk to sit at, a hard chair to sit on, and no visually distracting stimulus.

Therefore the environment in which study is done should replicate this. Students are advised on how to set up a suitable physical environment to improve memory and to have minimal distraction.