“…Learning4Learning gives you a clear image in your head of how to study successfully. It shows you how to get in the zone and maintain focus while studying.”

(Edward – 5th Year CBS Kilkenny)

Motivation is the state that drives us. Most of us are driven by something is life. We may be driven to play a competitive sport, we may be drive to earn a lot of money, we may be drive to help others, or we may be driven to travel and explore the world. Of course we may be drive to do many of things at once!

Motivation Increases our Pleasure

Whatever we are motivated by, it ultimaely results in increasing our pleaseure or enjoyment when we participate in the activitiy. This is not always direct pleasure but by avoiding displeasure. For example we may not be motivated to be extremely rich, but by avoiding poverty we are motivated to have more money and so this will increase our enjoyment of life.

Motivation Increases our Drive

Once we have decided what we really want, we are more likely to participate in behavoiur that will lead to achieving what we want. When we set out on this road of achieving and start to feel the early stages of success we are more driven to continue to achieve.

Motivated and Learning

n order to feel more motivated to learn we first have to decide what we want. Students who attend a Learning 4 Learning™ workshop are coached on goal setting technique and how to increase their motivation to attain this goal. They will learning how to develop and achieve short-term goals to enhance their motivation to learn more.