Why Learning4Learning?

Most of us begin school at 4 years of age. During the following 14 – 24 years in formal education we are asked to learn many different things. Yet how many of us are actually taught how to learn and how to develop our memory effectively to enhance our learning style?

Students who are visual learners learn better because they:

  • Think in pictures and are able to “see” connections very quickly between different concepts or topics
  • Can put information into long-term visual memory easily
  • Are neat and organised and therefore display better presentation in their work
  • Can sit still for longer and pay attention for longer

Students who are visual learners perform better in written exams because:

  • During exams they can convert the visual images they have created into words very quickly
  • Can organise their exam time easily
  • Present a neat well organised exam script

Simply a visual method of processing information is best suited to our school system where written examinations are the primary form of testing.

Can I become a visual learner?

All people can be taught to learn visually. Although this may not be their preferred style of learning, teaching all students visual skills will enhance their performance in studying and exams and will result in improving their Long-Term Visual memory.
This is a core part to the 10 step online Learning 4 Learning™ program..

During the 10 step online LEARNING 4 LEARNING™ program participants will learn:

  • How human memory works
  • How to develop long-term visual memory
  • To be proficient in visual learning techniques
  • How to organise more time-efficient and effective study sessions
  • How to achieve and maintain focus
  • How to set personal goals and targets
  • How to become a time-efficient learner and structure revision on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • How to develop a Revision Plan