What is Learning 4 Learning?

LEARNING 4 LEARNING™ is a 10 step online program incorporating mental skills, modelled on excellent learners to make learning easier and to aid students of all ages and abilities to become more efficient learners.

…This is not just only for studying and its nothing like the “study skills classes” your school gives. .. BRILLIANT.

Hailey, 6th year The Institute of Education, Dublin

What is unique about Learning 4 Learning?

It is not just a study skills programme – the main thrust of the programme is to help students to develop their memory and more importantly their visual memory to facilitate easy input and recall of information to memory for study and revision.

Students are also coached in how to organise efficient study sessions with reference to:

  • Suitable time slots
  • Setting and achieving realistic goals
  • Maintaining focus
  • Preparing the brain and body for success
  • Total exam preparation for success