Perceptual Screen - Step 1 online video

Imagine you’re standing outside the front of your home, answer the following questions.

  • What colour is the door?
  • What colour is the roof?
  • What colour is the gutter?

These are all simple questions to answer. But ask yourself these questions.

  • What colour is the lock you put the key in?
  • What colour is the button on the door bell?
  • Describe the edge of letterbox.

To answer these 3 questions, you must be able to imagine a large picture of your home and have the ability to zoom in to get the detail. However, imagine you took a photo of the front of your home and printed it out as a normal size photo it would be difficult to answer the last 3 questions.

The bigger the picture the more detail can be sought and the more information can be extracted. When we make pictures with our visual memory it is as if we are in the cinema and we are projecting the image to the screen in front of us. The screen we use for our visual memory is called our perceptual screen. In the photo-learning program we ensure that each student maximises the size of their perceptual screen, they’re also thought how to “gridate” it for maximum detail and information.