Revision is a "Bad Word"

Revision is a bad word for most students as they find it boring, time consuming and less than inspiring. However, by not revising in a structured time-tabled way students can waste up to 90% of their study time.

The L4L methods allow students to present their material in a concise and structured mattered and hence revision takes a shortened period of time. Using the L4L methods it is very simple for a student to release how much they know and how much they don’t know. Thus getting feedback back to the student which helps their confidence and also points out what they need to work on.

We encourage students to keep a revision diary whereby after studying a subject they revise it a set number of times and at set time intervals thus fully benefiting from their photo-learning.

Surprisingly we encourage students to revise at the start of study sessions. Their brain is freshest and most open but also by revising the topic it makes learning about that topic in their subsequent homework more beneficial. In an examination situation, this also benefits students as they can plan an answer to a question before they start writing it, which ensures a more structured exam question under exam situations.